Member of the Executive Board: social indicators of cryptocurrencies grow

Social indicators the use of cryptocurrencies are rising faster than those at the time of formation of ROS Internet. About this at the business forum «Kommersant» «the Actual investment in the digital economy,» said the CIO, member of Board of National settlement Depository Sergey Putyatinskaya.

Sergey Putyatinskaya:

«The number of wallets, number of people that are somehow involved in the operations associated with tokens, cryptocurrency is growing at a rate two times faster than his time growing up online».

According to Sergey Putyatinskaya, in addition to increasing capitalization, even in this lies the social impact of cryptocurrencies on the masses. Market capitalization of crypto-currencies reached $ 600 billion, accounting for about 7% of the total volume of the major markets – Forex or the gold market. In 2017, the ICO has attracted $ 3 billion and there is no indication that the initial placement of tokens may stop. This is despite the fact that 90% of the ICO prepared the scammers are not going to create a product. According to Putyatinskaya, about 20-30% cryptotokens was stolen and transferred to the current owner the wrong way. However, the speaker believes in ICO.

Director of information technology, member of Board of National settlement Depository Sergey Putyatinskaya:

«ICO is a new way of raising capital for business development. Economic sense to be determined: what is more like a share, bond, debenture. It is obvious that with the help of new technology, a new way of raising capital and modifierade existing capital markets. The strength of the technology can be assumed that this will be an easier, cheaper way to raise capital than the traditional methods now known – the issue of bonds, Bank loan, IPO».

According to the Director of product GPB Digital Alexey Ermakova, today only Russia has opened a 21 million cryptocell, and the same people often take multiple wallets. Our compatriots are engaged in «crypt» for speculative purposes, because of the rapid returns, and the number of competent users is low.

Product Director at GPB Digital Alexey Ermakov:

«In fact, the technology of cryptocurrencies, and all connected with it, and the technology penetration is extremely low. In Russia more than 72% of potential users of this technology as of 2017 have not heard about what a cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other related concepts. Only 1% of users are familiar with, used this decision or day to day with this work.»

Continuing the theme of the social nature of cryptocurrencies, the General Director of «Sputnik – capital Management» Alexander Losev expressed a very interesting opinion. He believes that bitcoin can not be more expensive notary fees.

General Director of «Sputnik – capital Management» Alexander Losev:

«Token, which verified that the accounts unit of any cryptocurrency unit of account for any payment system – does not have to cost more than the notary fee».

Japanese, Korean or Australian users of cryptocurrencies are unlikely to agree to tie the price of bitcoin to Russian notary fees, but this approach can be implemented when you create a custom token.

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