Member of the U.S. Congress wants to compel the Congress to declare cryptocurrencies

Member of the U.S. Congress, benevolent bitcoin, hoping to force their colleagues to disclose information about their reserves cryptocurrency assets. In the petition
on 5 February directed to the Committee on ethics of the house of representatives, member of the Chamber from Colorado Jared Polis (Jared Polis) argued that because cryptocurrency assets are considered as commodities several government agencies, members of Congress, then they should adhere to the same requirements on the disclosure of financial information as for traditional assets.

Currently, the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC) and the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) are considering offering it as stock assets. Meanwhile, the IRS (IRS) requires that the income from cryptocurrency also subject to income tax. In the letter, Polis says:

«Members of Congress and staff are already required to report some assets at a certain amount, including the reporting of any stock products that cost more than $ 1,000. The member or employee must also report that you own cryptocurrency, as they would any other exchange-traded product, like gold.»

Polis has long been known for its «probetraining» views. In 2014, he satirically remarked that is to ban the us dollar and replace it with bitcoin. He also became one of the first politicians who took donations in bitcoin for his campaign. Most recently, in September 2017, he introduced a bill requiring the tax exemption on capital gains cryptocurrency assets worth less than $ 600.

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