Messenger Facebook detected a bot for mining

Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new species of the virus, which spreads via the app Facebook Messenger. A malware bot uses many infected computers for mining of cryptocurrencies due to the affected users.

New malware distributed through Facebook Messenger, called Digmine. Like many similar exploits, bot uses infected systems for mining one of the most beloved hackers coin Monero.

For the first time Digmine was discovered in South Korea, then in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Vietnam, the Philippines, Thailand and Venezuela. Bot spreads very quickly using captured systems to infect new computers. It is expected that soon the virus will be discovered in other countries.

Facebook Messenger Google Chrome

Digmine sent to victims under the form of a reference to a video file. It is used in desktop and online versions of messenger Facebook Messenger using the browser Goggle Chrome. Gaining control of Chrome, virus uses browser to download additional tools of secret of mining.

In addition, if the user’s account in Facebook set to auto-login, Digmine intercepts traffic Messenger and distributes the malicious file to all contacts of the account owner.

«In the future, hackers may intercept and the Facebook account» — explain specialists.

Specialists shared discovered information with representatives of Facebook, which removed a number of links to Digmine from the messenger. The company said:

«We have several automatic systems that do not allow malicious links and files to Facebook and Messenger. If we have any suspicion that your computer is infected with a virus, we will provide you with free software-the antivirus from our trusted partners.»

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