Microsoft evaluates public blackany for your application decentralized identification

Microsoft has announced plans to use decentralized systems of identification based on public blockchains such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the largest corporations in the it market will support based on the blockchain decentralized IDs (DID) in your Microsoft Authenticator app.

«Having studied decentralized storage systems, consensus protocols, blackany and a number of other new standards, we came to the conclusion that the technology and protocols of the blockchain is ideal for integration of decentralized identifiers».

Based on the blockchain the platform identification has nothing to do with cryptocurrency payments. The publication Microsoft as eligible for DID blockchains mentioned three specific systems – Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Director of program management identify Microsoft’s Alex Simons (Alex Simons) explains:

«For 12 months we invested in the development of the ideas of the use of the blockchain (and other technologies of the distributed registry) to create new kinds of digital identification».

In the framework of the project the company is developing the following key components:

  • Distributed IDs (DIDs) is a W3C specification that defines the format of the document is to describe the state of a Decentralized ID;

  • ID hubs – coded identity store;

  • Universal Recognizer DID server DID recognize the blockchains;

  • Check credentials – a W3C specification that defines a document format for encoding based on the DID certifications.


Unlike other modern forms of identification, the new platform will not be controlled by any single organization, whether government or other centralized institution. According to the creators, the new decision will allow to exclude the possibility of censorship, however, users will retain full control over their data and reputation.

Earlier, critics said that based on public blockchains identification system is very costly and difficult to scale. However, in the publication, Microsoft said that the systems the second layer can be used to reduce the number of costly interactions in the blockchain.

Area of use

Today it is difficult to say that Microsoft wins, integrating support for decentralized identifiers. However, judging by the current state of the Internet, it is possible to make certain conclusions.

For example, the most appropriate application to use decentralized systems of identification within the framework of Microsoft products can be considered a LinkedIn site, representing a system of business reputation of a person, indicating his education and work experience.

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