Microsoft has started to accept payments bacalah

Microsoft began taking bitches if you Deposit as payment for games, Xbox, apps, and other products in the Microsoft Store. However, while the service is available only for customers from USA.

In January Microsoft has disabled it on your site balance bitcoin, but cryptocurrency payments processing operator Bitpay is already the next day, convinced the Corporation to return the payments in BTC, taking the part of the transaction costs themselves. Now Commission BTC is back to minimum values, however, Microsoft decided to add an alternative in the form of Cash Bitcoin, via Bitpay.

Recently support bitcache has been activated for more than 100,000 customers Bitpay and her wallet, Copay. The stores accept payment via Bitpay, you can receive funds to your cryptocurrency wallet or automatically translate them into dollars and to a Bank account.

It is not known whether to demand payment in the BCH, as the speed and cost of transactions across both networks at the moment are almost identical. However, all holders of BTC in August last year, has at its disposal and BCH, and users who have not yet sold them, now have a good opportunity to spend bideshi directly without converting to Fiat money.

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