Microsoft, Hyperledger and the United Nations joined the Alliance ID2020

Tech giant Microsoft and the blockchain consortium Hyperledger joined ID2020 Alliance, whose purpose is the implementation of the UN programme of digital identification in the blockchain.

This was announced at the world economic forum in Davos. To ID2020 Alliance also joined the humanitarian organization Mercy Corps and the international computing centre UN that will help to improve the quality of life of many people by issuing them a digital identity.

According to a press release, the group develops solutions with a focus on direct ownership and control of personal data of people based on the technology of the blockchain. The emergence of the initiative contributed to the fact that .,1 billion people worldwide faced with the fact that you can’t prove your identity, and it prevents them from leading a normal life. According to the world Bank, this situation also reinforces more serious problems such as human trafficking.

The project has already received a donation from Microsoft in the amount of $ 1 million, and contributions from other organizations, including Accenture and the Rockefeller Foundation. Accenture announced investments in the amount of $ 1 million on the ID2020 Alliance summit last summer in new York.

David Street (David Treat), head of development of blockchain at Accenture, said:

«Decentralized digital identity controlled by the user, has the potential to expand economic opportunities for refugees and other persons disadvantaged, while improving the lives of those who want to operate safely in cyberspace.»

The press release explains that digital identity will include forms of legal identification issued by the government, and provide a seamless authentication process for people and institutions.

«We are creating a community of partners who have agreed to work worldwide for a global solution to this problem,» — said General Director of the Alliance ID2020 Dakota Gruner (Gruener Dakota).

In June last year, Microsoft and Accenture introduced
the prototype of the blockchain for the program ID2020, which operates on a closed copy of blockchain Ethereum.

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