Microsoft started accepting bitcoin payments

Technology giant Microsoft started accepting bitcoin payments in its online store. As previously reported, last week the company temporarily suspended
payments that according to a source within the organization was due to the «unstable» state of cryptocurrency. The reason probably lay in the high volatility and the cost of commissions per transaction.

An unnamed representative of Microsoft has now confirmed that the acceptance of bitcoin payments resumed. She said:

«We have restored the bitcoin as a payment option in our store after working with our payment operator. Now we can ensure that the smallest amount in bitcoins can be redeemed when accounts receivable».

In December last year we reported that the online gaming platform Steam has stopped to accept payments in bitcoin, citing the chronic problem of high transaction fees and the instability of prices.

Microsoft first added the option of payment in bitcoin for its digital products in 2014, allowing US customers to use the cryptocurrency to buy content games and video platforms Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox.

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