Mikhail Emelyanov: you should Not rush to ban advertising of crypto-currencies

According to first Deputy Chairman of the faction «Fair Russia» in the Duma Mikhail Emelyanov, it is not necessary to ban advertising of crypto-currencies on the Internet, however, is to convey to the citizens the understanding that they are buying it at your own risk.

Google announced on the eve of
that from June 2018 to increase the financial security of users will allow the promotion of cryptocurrency and ICO. Earlier, a similar decision was made by social network Facebook.

Emelyanov calls cryptocurrencies a pyramid and compares it with the MMM. However, he said, to ban them is not even worth despite the fact that «many would be deceived».

«It’s wrong to ban everything, people should think for themselves and they should have the right to free choice», — said Emelyanov.

According to him, if people want to risk, you should not disturb him. However, those who run this risk, need to understand? what they are.

«If someone wants to take the risk, let’s risk. Only to then queue the protesters were not at the state institutions demanding the return of money to them. So I would not hurry to copy the Google experience and make appropriate decisions», — said Emelyanov.

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