Mining NiceHash service went offline: another crash or malfunction?

This morning in the system of NiceHash service failed, after which all mining devices that were sent on this service, has stopped working. Immediately after that, the site NiceHash reported that the service is in maintenance. Exactly the same messages appeared in social networks.

NiceHash Dear user, our service is currently under maintenance.
We are sorry for the inconvenience and please stay tuned for updates.
Thank you for your understanding.

— NiceHash (@NiceHashMining) 6 Dec 2017

«Our service is currently on maintenance. We apologize for the inconvenience. Will keep you posted. Thank you for understanding.»

A few hours later, nothing has changed, except that I have added another message:

Dear NiceHash users,
we are very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Our team is working hard to resolve the issues on the service, it might take longer than expected. We’ll keep you updated!

— NiceHash (@NiceHashMining) 6 Dec 2017

«We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is hard at work need a restoration service, it may take more time than expected».

Currently, the site remains unavailable.

However, this was not the reason for dissatisfaction of users. Some of them managed to come in with their personal accounts and found their wallets empty. Those who do not have time to log into your account, have used third-party services that also showed a lack of balance of any means.

One Reddit user, has conducted its own investigation and came to the wallet, which was transferred to his balance NiceHash. He found that just a couple of hours before the services NiceHash was disabled, the balance of the purse, which took his bitcoins, filled with a total of 4700 BTC.

This address was supplemented by several large transactions that occurred within four hours and almost coincided with the time of disconnection of the service.

Social networks are flooded with angry messages to the company, but remain unanswered. Someone said that it was hacking:

Gabor Nagy: «Guys, don’t want to look at the situation negatively, but I think all the bitcoins NiceHash is gone. Look at the address of my wallet, look at his balance fell to zero a few hours ago.»

Philip Richardson: «Just checked my bitcoin wallet NiceHash and saw that all my bitcoins were withdrawn. Can you explain this?»

Northaugustatke: «Hello NiceHash, many users wonder what is happening. Our bitcoins safe? It would be great to answer «Yes» or «no».»

Bonus Legit: «Why is my wallet balance is 0? I checked through a third party service — all my money gone».

Someone thinks that it is the owners NiceHash has withdrawn funds from the accounts:

Rustam Rustam: «They are just money potyrili».

But there are those who still hopes that in the near future, the wallet and the service will restore its work:

Artem Serdyuk: «It could be a backup wallet, which is open to force majeure. The loss of security, all bitcoin automatically went there, niches the only base on which account how much Kesha was lying».

Owners Nicehash already started to look for on Reddit.

While the service remains unavailable, but the support remains silent and leaves many questions unanswered, users have every reason for concern. After all, in the memory of the users of cryptocurrency already a lot of similar crashes, and very few of them ended very well.

Nicehash is the first and best known of the services of rent capacity hashing. He worked in 2013 and managed to build up a good reputation — many miners used his services, leaving the balance proceeds for several weeks and even months. Now, his clients can only guess whether the return of their bitcoins, or will have to say goodbye to them forever?

Update at 23:30 on 6 December

Later, 15 hours after turning off the NiceHash website, the administration finally released the official press release. Its content is quite simple for veterans of bitcoin and very sad for the users of the service:

«Unfortunately, there was a hacking of the website NiceHash. We investigate the causes of the incident and therefore stopped the operation for 24 hours. Our payment system has been compromised and bitcoins from his wallet stolen.»

This is probably the most significant of the text, so as to further include the usual in such cases, apologies and promises to restore work at the earliest opportunity. No time frame for the investigation and the possibility of a refund is not indicated.

This situation is strangely similar to the closing of the exchange BTC-e six months ago. Then the administration of the exchange also was fobbed off with excuses about «technical work». And only a day it became known about the arrest of Alexander winnick, and later — about the RAID intelligence and the arrest of the servers of the exchange.

BTC-e was able to restore the work after a month under the name WEX, and now returned a considerable share of reputation and confiscated the funds of users. Will he be able to do it NiceHash? This project does not have such reserves of financial strength and profit earning him much less. So if was stolen a significant part of bitcoins, hope for their return remains extremely weak.

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