«Mining shop» at the Orenburg plant RTI closed for stealing electricity

After admission to the police of Orenburg statements about the theft of electricity in the course of the investigation, the police found a large farm for bitcoin mining in one of the buildings of a recently closed plant.

Energy recorded significant overruns at the substation standing next to the former RTI plant (rubber products), and reported it to the police. In one of the buildings on the closed territory of the plant have discovered a real workshop with ASIC miners.

The police were going to initiate a criminal case under article «Theft in especially large size» providing punishment in the form of imprisonment till 10 years. The farm is stopped.

While it is not known how the owners of the farm, whose identity is unknown, was connected to the grid of the substation and how long they have enjoyed free electricity. According to preliminary data, the damage from illegal actions of the miners was about 60 million rubles.

As reported by local sources, farm for mining at the former RTI plant is impressive in its scope: it takes the single-story building with racks of ASIC devices for bitcoin mining, and for heat sink organized industrial ventilation. Judging by the photos, the number who worked in the shop of the devices can exceed a thousand pieces.

«Unlike conventional graphics cards that are used for cryptocurrency mining in the apartment on the balcony, this equipment is powerful and has high productivity, and accordingly, substantial heat transfer. This is the window openings of the old brick building installed a giant fan,» – told in police.

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