Ministry of Finance supports the legalization of trade cryptocurrencies on the official stock exchanges

As reported to journalists the Deputy Minister of Finance Alexey Moiseev, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation supports the idea of legalizing the trade cryptocurrencies on the official exchanges. The corresponding rate will be specified in the draft law «On digital of financial assets».

«On the public Council, following the discussion, comments were made that we are now finalizing. First — we did not handle the issue associated with the turnover of existing cryptocurrencies, that is essentially purchase and sale. It does not aim to limit and regulate, but what kind of framework will be installed. Anyone have cryptocurrency, it will be nothing. This is to ensure that the sale will be somehow standardized. The General idea is that it will be necessary to buy-sell cryptocurrency on the official exchanges, as it will be declared, legalized», — he said.

Further, the official noted that while the list of trading platforms is not defined.

«Now this is the most debated unresolved issue. The rest is all more or less clear».

CBR: crime goes to payments in the cryptocurrency

However, the alarm cryptocurrency transactions was scored in the Directorate of security and information protection, Bank of Russia. The Deputy chief of this management Artem Sychev told reporters that the criminal market is gradually moving to payments in cryptocurrency, but to say that they have completely replaced where the real money is, not yet.

«The fact that the criminal market is gradually moving to payments in cryptocurrency – it’s a fact,» said Sychev, «But how they use it to report the real money or not, it is too early to say.»

According to Sychev, the regulator is watching those cases where funds are derived in similar ways, but there are no specific statistics, based on which you can draw some conclusions.

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