Mobile operator Korea Telecom is implementing the blockchain

A leading mobile operator in South Korea, Korea Telecom said Tuesday that it plans to use a new telecommunications system on the blockchain to enhance network security.

Digital infrastructure project company called the Future of the Internet will allow people and companies to obtain remuneration for the use of their own data, and not data operators Internet portals such as Google, which is currently monopolizing access to personal data, said one of the principal investigators company CEO young-Il (Seo Young-il).

In an interview with The Korean Herald, the head of the blockchain center in Institute of Convergence Technology, said:

«Through the use of technology of the blockchain, the data will be protected from hackers since they are transmitted through a secure network of the blockchain, and users can share their own data with each other based on trust without having to rely on intermediaries.»

The ultimate goal of the company is to upgrade the network infrastructure of South Korea with the technology of the blockchain over the next few years. According to young-Il «blockchain will be one of the key technologies for the fourth industrial revolution».

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