Moncrypt: All In One Cryptobanking Solution Announces Crowdsale

With state of the art security and amazing features, Moncrypt is on its way to becoming the new Fort Knox of crypto-world. Read more…

The world of cryptocurrency continues to grow every day and with that our need for more secure ways to keep our earnings safe. After many reports of people and even exchanges getting hacked, we should realize that securing our investments is not something that should be taken for granted. So what can we do?

Moncrypt comes with the solution!

Moncrypt is a decentralized managing platform for your assets, with its technology based on Blockchain and Smart-Contracts, they promise us complete anonymity and security with the whole system being guarded with 3 Biometric Identifications (fingerprint, voice, and face). Because security is so important, the servers are located in the Alps, with no internet connection and keys stored in a Swiss bank deposit box. All the transaction information is stored on a cloud storage on satellite, while the most important information and keys are transferred using quantum cryptography, making it the most secure cryptocurrency platform on earth.

Once inside the platform, you can take advantage of discount rates for flights and hotels, exchange all available currencies to crypto and back at official exchange rates, play games, make bets, sell stuff to earn bitcoin, and much more. Once your money is stored on Moncrypt, you will receive interest each month, and you can send any amount of money anywhere in a fast and secure fashion. You will also receive a personal payment debit card to be able to pay for anything you want in this world, with cryptocurrency.

The company is proud to have some big names in the industry they take part as Moncrypt partners, names such as, WilliamHill, Amazon, TransferWise, LotoLev, eBay, Hertz and British Airways, partners who will be side by side with Moncrypt as it will become a highly popular method of earning and keeping your earnings safe!

The ICO (Initial Coin Offering) started on September 20th with 15.500.000 Moncrypt Tokens (MON) which are sold for the price of 1$ each, while another 1,500,000 tokens are booked for bounty. The bounty program is: 1st hour +50%, 1st day +20%, 1st week +7%. The ICO will stay open until October 20th. Owning MON means you will have project stake and receive a share of profits and will have the option to propose and vote on platform-changing decisions.

Will you be a part of this extremely secure platform? Don’t forget to save your seat at

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