Monero significantly more expensive before hardforum XMV

D network Monero on the block 1529810 (likely to be obtained March 14) planned hardwork, which will appear altain MoneroV (XMV). The new fork will not have significant differences from the original, except for the size limit issue.

Monero holders will receive tokens MoneroV in the ratio 1:10. Issue MoneroV unlike Monero is limited to 256 million units and each holder of XMR will get 10 new coins, as originally in turnover will go only 158 million XMV.

The frequency of block generation will be 120 seconds, and recalculation of complexity will be made after each block mined, the reward for which will be approximately 6 XMV when reaching the total emission 184.4 million

The team also announced further plans to change the algorithm of a consensus, but initially will be involved PoW-CryptoNight mechanism. In the roadmap of the project refers to the implementation of the Protocol scale MimbleWimble, which is designed for Bitcoin blockchain, but not found in this application.

On the background of the upcoming hard forks an increase the price of Monero more than 33%. If last week Monero traded below $275 a token, but now the price has risen to $366.

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