More than 100 investors bought for cryptocurrency sites in the Norwegian private city Libertad

More than 100 people bought land in the «private city» Libertad in Norway. Its founders take 27 cryptocurrencies for payment. Deals have already been concluded with the future residents of Brazil, Sweden and the UK and other countries. It is reported that they will be able to move in the next two years.

With slogans such as «taxation is robbery», Libertad attracts more libertarians from all over the world, local media reported. According to the website
city, 112 people have already bought land in the «anarcho-capitalist city», is located on agricultural land, not far from Kristiansand in southern Norway. Buyers — citizens of 28 countries, including Norway, neighboring Sweden, the distant Brazil and the UK. Another 500 potential investors are in waiting list.

The plots are sold for 75 000 NOK or 9 $ 400 per 1, 000 square meters and 375 000 NOK (47 $ 100) over 5, 000 square meters. Currently accept payments in 27 different currencies, including bitcoin (BTC) and bitches (BCH). Team Libertad plan to transfer their purchased plots by 2020, when the first residents can move in.

The project, which was reported
in March last year, is «a voluntary, private commercial enterprise which offers protection of life, liberty and property within a defined area.» Its founders claim that the private city is not a utopian idea and a business model in which the basic elements are already known and simply passed to the «cohabitation market».

Last summer John Holmsland (John Holmesland) and Sondra, Bellas (Sondre Bjellås) bought the farm Talland in the municipality of Marnardal where the city is located. Since then they have been well-advertised the project and reported on its progress via social networks and blog Libertad. In December they announced that the local government has granted a concession and the permit to own the agricultural estate, where he created the city.

Private police and other services

John Holmsland said the Norwegian edition of the Local that Libertad was inspired by Atlantic Station, a similar project in the city of Atlanta in the U.S. state of Georgia. He and his partner want to eventually create a private police, fire Department and water supply system for residents of the city. Different companies will be invited to provide these and other private services.

«The only thing we require is that you respect the principle of abstinence from aggression and the right of private property,» say its founders.

According to local media, they may encounter some problems on the way to achieving your goal. Some Norwegian officials became opponents of their plans.

«To come and settle on earth – this is normal. But creating a state within a state unrealistic,» — said the Deputy of the labour party Kari Henriksen (Henriksen Kari).

Henriksen representing the County of vest-Agder in the Norwegian Parliament, considers that inhabitants of the «private cities» will largely dependent on the rest of society.

A similar project — the Free Republic of Oberland created in the disputed territory between Croatia and Serbia. She was proclaimed by the Czech libertarian by vít Jedlička (Vit Jedlicka) in 2015. Another example worth mentioning is Helena Paparizou, the project mobile state well-known Russian polar Explorer Sergei Solovyov, which should become «permanent and politically Autonomous settlement.»

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