More than 30% of employed Koreans to invest in cryptocurrencies

South Korean online employment portal Saramin 941 interviewed the employee and found out that 31.3% of them invested in the cryptocurrency. The average volume of investments amounted to 5.66 million won ($5300).

Of surveyed workers who have invested in the cryptocurrency, 44.1% invested less than 1 million won, 18.3% for 1-2 million won, 9.8% — 2.4 million won, 7.8% — 4-6 million, 12.9% more than 10 million won.

54.2% of respondents said they invested in crypto currencies because I think it is the fastest way to make money, and 47.8% said it was an easy investment, as the amount was insignificant.

However, the cryptocurrency is still an investment, and like any other investment, someone wins and someone loses. And here. About 80.3% of respondents said that commercialized their cryptocurrency investments; 13.2% said that they had not suffered loss; and 6.4% had lost their money.

Among those who managed to earn on investments, 21.1% received more than 10% of the profits, and 19.4% greater than 100%.

South Korea accounts for about 20% of the global volume of trade bitcoins. This is one of the most active regions in the cryptocurrency trading. Experts believe that more than two million South Koreans own bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

South Korea’s government takes extra measures to regulate the cryptocurrency market in the country, concerned about too active interest in the field of small investors. Due to the fact that the collapse of the cryptocurrency market may lead to too negative effects, the authorities have established oversight of the cryptocurrency exchanges, banned trade cryptocurrency for foreigners and minors, and also restricted the activities of banks in this area.

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