More top ten predictions of bitcoin prices

Although not a very optimistic beginning of the year, many experts of cryptocurrency industry believe that in 2018, the price of bitcoin will rise.

Yielding to the influence of low price of bitcoin at the beginning of the year, many members of the crypto community remembered the cryptocurrency bubble that will burst. However, apparently, the April price increase put an end to the pessimistic sentiment.

And now, traders, analysts, investors and other professionals in the financial industry vying to give the most fantastic predictions, with the majority of experts asserts that the most significant change needs to occur in December.

10. Pantera Capital: $20 000

So, according to the head of the investment company Pantera Capital Dan Morehead (Dan Morehead), in December 2018, the price of bitcoin will once again reach $ 20,000.

9. Fundstrat Global Advisors: $25 000

Co-founder and chief analyst at Fundstrat Tom Lee (Tom Lee) also believes that the bear market of bitcoin wanes. If I am sure that by 2019 the price of the main cryptocurrencies will be 25 000. We will remind, earlier it predicted that by 2022 the cost of bitcoin will reach 125 000.

8. Max Keiser: $28 000

Great enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency saves Max Keiser (Max Keiser). His forecast is 28 000 dollars per BTC by as much as 8000 exceed the maximum December 2017.

7. Alistair Milne: $35 000 – $60 000

British entrepreneur and investor Alistair Milne (Alistair Milne) even under adverse conditions considers the probability of the price of 35 000 dollars per BTC by 2020, when the reward for block will be reduced by 50%.

6. Anthony Pompliano: $50 000

In February, when the price of bitcoin dropped to $ 7,000, an analyst at Full Tilt Pompliano Anthony (Anthony Pompliano) said that by the end of the year the price will rise to $50 000.

5. John Pfeffer: $75 000

In January, an investor from London, John Pfeffer (Pfeffer John) has published a report containing a study of possible price scenarios bitcoins, and stated that the figure of $ 75,000 for this year is quite real.

4. Kay Van-Petersen: $100 000

Another long-time supporter of Bitcoin, Kay van-Petersen (Kay Van-Petersen) is famous for the fact that for several years gives very accurate predictions of the price movement of bitcoin.

In January of this year, analyst at Saxo Bank stated that the price of cryptocurrencies will continue to grow and will reach $100 000, even with the recent rapid fall of price from 20 000 to $ 6 000.

3 and 2. Tim Draper, Brian Kelly: $250 000 by 2022

The second and the third place in the list of the bitcoin bulls went analyst and host of CNBC’s Brian Kelly (Brian Kelly) and venture capitalist Tim Draper (Tim Draper), prediction bitcoin in 4 years the price of 250 000 dollars.

«Believe me, it will happen,» said Draper last week the students organized blockchain events.

1. John McAfee: $1 000 000 by December 2020 (or…)

Topping the list is decided not to be penny wise John McAfee (John McAfee), which last year promised to eat part of his body, if in 2020 bitcoin will not reach $ 1 million. Apparently, to abandon the McAfee forecasts is going.

«Slowly but surely, wizards of cryptomeria begin to fulfill my predictions bitcoin. I am sure that on 31 December 2020 of eating parts of the body will not take place,» said McAfee.

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