Morgan Creek Capital plans to raise $500 million in cryptocurrency hedge Fund

Morgan Creek Capital plans to raise $500 million investment to create a new hedge Fund that will focus exclusively on cryptocurrency and other blockchain projects, said CEO mark Yusko (Mark Yusko).

In Morgan Creek I believe blockchain is the most useful and important technology of today and believe that this technology will provide unprecedented opportunities for investment.

In the framework of its project, the company acquired Morgan Creek venture Capital firm Full Tilt, which specializiruetsya on cryptocurrency investments.

According to managing partner of Full Tilt Pompliano Anthony (Anthony Pompliano), the main objectives of the new Fund would be tokenization of real estate, investments in debt obligations and other asset types. However, such directions of investment activities, in his opinion, could lead to a clash with regulatory difficulties.

$500 million, plans to raise Morgan Creek, will be about 25% of the total volume of assets under its control. Successful implementation of this plan will make new hedge Fund one of the largest cryptocurrency on the market.

Mark Yusko does not exclude that within a few decades, the rate of bitcoin will reach $1 million, the likelihood that bitcoin will be worth $500 thousand in the next 20 years, in his opinion, is 75%.

According to a more recent but no less optimistic forecast of the head of Morgan Creek Capital, the exchange rate of bitcoin in the long term will reach $400 thousand.

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