Moscow Bitcoin exchanger Changer belongs to a deprivation of the license of the Bank «Interkommerts»

At the end of 2017 on cryptocurrency forums there are advertising messages about a Bitcoin exchanger Changer that without a fee changing bitcoins for rubles and dollars.

«Service is an element of cashing scheme officially unaccounted money. We do not all quite right within the laws of the Russian Federation, but ready so that we can offer the best rate,» the site says Bitcoin Changer. As contacts is a phone that is tied to the account in the Telegram.

According to the system check domain name Whois, website (Bitcoin Changer) to November 2017 was registered by JSC «Bitcoin credit». According to SPARK, such a company exists since 2007, she owned domains and and as the contact phone number listed on the website Bitcoin Changer. Moreover, until December 2015 JSC «Bitcoin credit» was called CJSC «Interkommerts asset management».

Three phones of JSC «Bitcoin credit» specified in SPARK, do not respond. In the fourth in response to questions about the companies «Bitcoin credit» and «Interkommerts asset management» said that «there was some kind of mistake» and hung up.

The company «Interkommerts asset management» has existed since 2007 and managed mutual and private pension funds. In October 2015, the Central Bank revoked its license because of repeated violations of the requirements of the disclosure and accused the company of manipulating the market.

According to SPARK, «Interkommerts asset management» owned consulting firm «Profit», which is owned by Dmitry Krylov and consulting firm «Profit» whose owners are not specified. To contact the two companies is problematic, the site of the consulting firm «Profit» is not working. To emails Dmitry Krylov is not responding.

«Interkommerts asset management» used the brand and logo of the Bank «Interkommerts», which in February 2016, has lost the licence of the Central Bank because of the reduction of own funds below the share capital and the «dubious operations», and then went bankrupt.

Former Chairman of Board of Bank «Interkommerts» of A. M. bugaevsky was accused of fraud amounting to more than 3.9 billion rubles, and the former employees «Intercommerce» Anton Chernukhina and Alexey Malaguea in the organization of criminal community and illegal banking activities. Now all three are wanted.

According to the former Vice-President of the Bank «Interkommerts» Alexander Turskov, legally the Bank «Interkommerts» management company «Interkommerts asset management» were not related.

«This management company at first had a different name. Vice-President of «Intercommerce» Dmitry Chukhlantsev was familiar with the owners and offered to cooperate, as a result, companies were given the rights to use the brand and logo of the Bank,» he says.

According to SPARK, Chukhlantsev was not only familiar with its owner and the CEO of «Interkommerts asset management» from 2008 to 2014, in parallel with his work as Vice-President of the Bank «Interkommerts».

«The activities of the cryptocurrency exchanges are not regulated in the absence of a unified legislative approach – emphasizes the member of the expert Council on digital economy and blockchain technologies at the State Duma Nikita Kulikov. – However, this fact does not mean that the principle of «everything not expressly prohibited is permitted».

He considers the scheme of Bitcoin Changer gray and is guaranteed subject to additional attention from the Federal tax service.

«The counterparty that accepts to your account such monies will pose an additional challenge with the Federal service for financial monitoring and security service of the Bank that now blocked the account for less dubious transactions», – said Kulikov.

«The significant growth of exchange rate of bitcoin for the last year and generally rush around cryptocurrencies attract a large number of scams in the industry. Legalization of illegally obtained funds by transfer to bitcoin – one of the most common schemes. The market is definitely suffering from it,» emphasizes founder of the payment system Chronopay Pavel Vrublevsky.

However, he notes plus technology of the blockchain: the information about all open transactions and cannot be deleted.

«Law enforcement in case of interest will be able to find the data about the transaction even after many years. In my opinion, many problems in the field of cryptocurrency, with the absence of any regulation,» – said the expert.

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