Moscow region seeks to attract large miners

Moscow region authorities are interested in attracting investors involved in the construction of mining farms.

In the Russian Association of cryptocurrency and blockchain (RAKIB) believe that the highest potential for attracting «mining tourists» from Moscow, followed by Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Regions were assessed according to the cost of electricity, availability of reserves of spare capacity, logistic accessibility and the development of the telecommunications infrastructure.

«The power here is several times cheaper than in Europe. Therefore, the miners are ready to carry their businesses in Russia, – emphasizes the Chairman of the Moscow region Duma Committee on construction, architecture, housing and communal services and energy Igor Cohanim. – In the Moscow region has a well developed infrastructure. In addition, there is always an alternative: to generate electricity you can use not only electricity, but gas turbines».

Deputy Chairman of the Moscow region Duma Committee on economy, entrepreneurship and investment policy Vladimir Zhuk considers tourists as potential investors:

«They come to us not with empty hands. This is investors. Miners are building special farms. So, get benefit and our businesses servicing the infrastructure. And if the low electricity costs in comparison with Europe, our trump card, then they should use».

In his opinion, should actively involve cryptotriton in the first place to inform about good conditions for miners, emphasizing the benefits of the suburbs.

«By the way, at us in Dzerzhinsk there are miners, however, are not foreigners. They confirm that Moscow oblast from the point of view of conditions for the development of this business is a convenient region,» he said.

However, not all experts are optimistic about the prospects of Cryptocoryne, as Russia’s cryptocurrency is not officially recognized. Despite this, in the suburbs already has about 150 known mining farms.

In RAKIB also already received more than 40 applications for the accommodation of the miners, the majority of entrepreneurs from EU countries and China.

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