Multifunctional mobile financial assistant Bloomzed conducts the sale of tokens BZT

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Imagine the situation that currently existing financial instruments combined in a single application, and you no longer have to spend time searching for the necessary applications to install it on multiple and switch between them during the day in your smartphone.

What if a similar app will save you from having to carry cash, carry a variety of cards (payment, loyalty, loyalty), and as a result, a number of different operations, in order to use these tools or maps to find an ATM of your Bank (which often is far away or doesn’t work) to withdraw cash or replenish a card (which, as a rule, have restrictions on the amount of payment or withdrawal, and which can be easily forgotten at home), to exchange banknotes, foreign currency exchange.

This app will solve all of the above and many other objectives, will become mobile financial assistant Bloomzed.

What is a Bloomzed?

Mobile wallet «Bloomzed» is a universal payment instrument. Bloomzed works with all existing financial instruments, such as Bank accounts, payment cards, e-wallets, international remittances, Fiat money, cryptocurrency, etc. currently mobile wallet «Bloomzed» has the maximum functionality of all similar services on the world market.

The main product of the project – its own mobile app. It is a multifunctional payment tool of new generation, which works with a smartphone and an electronic wallet that allows you to pay services, transfer money, link a payment card and to use additional services. The app provides users with rich opportunities in terms of not only electronic payment but also for comprehensive management of personal funds. Thus, mobile service Bloomzed will become a reliable and helpful assistant in everyday payment transactions.

Bloomzed is a high – tech software solution with open API and consisting of a large number of software blocks integrated into a single system which is designed to provide easy connection of any technological solutions, management as separate units and the system as a whole. Users of the system available individual setting, disabling, updating, editing, empowerment and other options without stopping and/or slowing down the entire system.

What opportunities does Bloomzed?

Bloomzed mobile app and web version of the platform includes a number of sections, each of which provides certain opportunities to the users. So, for individuals will be available to bind cards to the mobile wallet Bloomzed (separate wallets for electronic money and cryptocurrency) for payment without a card. Purse also can be used for bonus and discount cards. Money transfer system Bloomzed will allow you to instantly transfer funds at any time and in anywhere in the world. A virtual centre for the exchange of currencies of different countries, tokens, cryptocurrency, electronic currency units of different systems.

In section «Credits» will feature loans from banking and lending institutions. Thanks to the «Investments» section users will be able to increase their savings using Deposit, lending and P2P Р2В, сrowdinvesting, сrowdfunding, ICO, ITO, TGE, online trading in the global currency markets. The application will be available to a personal accountant who will help you to manage all cash flows that will take full financial control and planning.

Users will also be offered additional services in demand. The loyalty system will bring together all kesbeke, discounts and bonuses of the user, which is very convenient and practical solution. In the section «Insurance» you can buy any type of insurance in just a couple of minutes. In the «Mobile store» will be presented to tens of thousands of diverse products. In the section «Tickets» will be collected the fullest version of all available services that sell tickets. You can also purchase a gift certificate from any of the partners Bloomzed.

For legal entities will be available online and mobile acquiring that allows you to accept payments in retail outlets and on the Internet. Due auto payments you can accept payment by subscription or monthly fee. Customers will be able to pay for any purchases with your smartphone. Bloomzed will allow customers to undergo the procedure of identification and authorization in a single click with the help of a unique QR code, and the purchase of goods and services will be available in a single click due to the generated QR code. WEB-passport will provide all the necessary information about the client. Chat or messenger will provide unlimited opportunities for interactive communication with the client.

The service provides tools for processing and data collection, reporting, running ad campaigns, flexible loyalty programs for organizations. In a mobile application can create its own store where users will be able Bloomzed in a few clicks to place an order.

We should clarify that despite the versatility of the platform Bloomzed, the interface of the web version and mobile app will not be overloaded, since the user will be able to customize it by removing and adding main menu buttons. Individual configuration allows to avoid cluttering the menu and provide the maximum convenience for each client. At the moment the software environment Bloomzed fully completed, you are testing the beta version and starts the commercial exploitation of the site.

On passing initial sale of membership tokens BZT

BZT or Bloomzed Token is a membership token, the acquisition of which makes it buyer member Bloomzed Crypto Club and provides the right to receive all relevant bonuses and privileges, the amount of which is determined by the number of BZT a particular token owner.

Token Generation Event (TGE) is the primary sales membership token BZT required to participate in Bloomzed Crypto Club. In total, the TGE to sale the BZT 50 000 000 of which 5 000 000 BZT produced specially for the first round, which takes place from 19-26 December 2017, and the remaining 45 000 000 BZT will be available in the second round, which runs from 17 January to 17 February 2018

The cost of a token: 1 BZT = 0002 ETH. The minimum number of tokens for purchases set $ 250 BZT, which is equivalent to the sum of 0.5 ETH. Until the end of the first round of TGE, i.e. until 26 December 2017, the valid maximum bonus of 50%. And in the second round TGE the bonuses will be smaller and will depend on the date of acquisition of the token (from the first to the seventh day, the bonus will be reduced from 25% to 5% in the last two days). Further bonuses will be charged only for the number of purchased tokens.

Learn more about the project you can on the official website, after reading the Whitepaper, and also Bloomzed in all popular social networks.

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