MuSig: new scheme of multimedia on the basis of signatures Snorra

Bitcoin enthusiasts are looking forward to the full implementation of several new technologies and schemes that promise to solve the scaling problem of the Bitcoin blockchain, including Segwit, Lightning Network and signatures Snorre. One of the latest achievements in this field was the proposal from a group of researchers to improve the algorithm of signatures Snorre. The developers have presented a simple scheme multiporpose called MuSig.

Transactions bitcoin must be signed and the signatures are large in size and take up much space in the block. And it only gets worse when a transaction involves multiple addresses, because each address needs its own signature. The result is increasing demands on the size of the transaction, which, in turn, increase the fees for her.

Algorithm signatures Snorra will help to solve this problem because it reduces the number of signatures required for complex transactions. In addition, signature Snorra will help to increase the network bandwidth not less than 25%. They are also able to protect Bitcoin from certain types of spam attacks.

Gregory Maxwell (Gregory Maxwell), Andrew Poelstra (Andrew Poelstra), serine Yannick (Yannick Seurin) and Peter Wolle (Pieter Wuille) published a paper
called «Simple multipurpose Snorre and their application in Bitcoin». In it, the researchers propose a new scheme of multimedia on the basis of signatures Snorra — MuSig, which they define as «a Protocol that allows signatories to carry out joint signature of the General message».

MuSig provides support for the aggregation of keys and increases security in a simple model with a public key. The result MuSig can significantly improve the privacy and network performance. Peter Wulle notes:

«Scheme multimedia is a combination of signature algorithm and verification when multiple signers (each with its own public and private key) together to sign a single message, resulting in one signature. This single signature can be verified by anyone who knows the message and the public keys of signers».

In the MuSig proposes a new concept – aggregation (join) of keys. This method reduces the number of signatures to one only, which though somewhat more solitary, but still greatly inferior in size to the package signatures. Wolle explains:

«In the scheme of multimedia, which supports the aggregation keys, multipedes looks like a signature with a single key. The verifiers you do not need to know the public keys of the original members, instead they may be provided only aggregated key».

Bitcoin needs as quickly as possible to solve the problem of scale and high transaction fees. Therefore, technologies and new schemes that can contribute to this, such as signing Snorra with the method of aggregation of keys have, after careful analysis, to obtain the support of most members of the cryptocurrency community to give Bitcoin the opportunity to develop further.

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