NAGA Coin revolutionises the ICO market with its Token-Sale

Trade and investments are controlled by banks. Our money and data change hands without our knowledge. The complexities involved in financial systems along with the billions of unbanked and the underbanked population are today’s major Fintech problems, and the well-known NAGA Group is on the verge of solving them. In order to do so, the platform has introduced its revolutionary ICO, bringing the ICO revolution to solve all these issues.

NAGA is creating the next big financial transformation where participants can make use of a whole suite of financial and educational services while earning rewards in the process. At the same time, users of this revolutionary system retain control over their finances and information on blockchain.

The company’s innovations offer real-world solutions in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, ensuring complete decentralization, virtual goods value creation, and Fintech changes.

The NAGA success story

Naga has recently started their official Pre-sale and the demand turned out to be huge. In just the first 2 hours, 4 milion USD was invested in the project. Now, the sum is close to 7 milion and their Pre-sale has only started.

The company, as part of the NAGA group of companies, has already chalked up a number of successes in the Fintech industry. NAGA is backed by big names in the investment banking ecosystem, including Hauck & Aufhauser and FOSUN, who have all gained recognition for their unparalleled investment banking prowess. With NAGA’s success story being backed up by Big Whales and support from these banks, the journey couldn’t have been easier.

The NAGA Token Sale

NAGA’s token sale is a revolution that leverages the blockchain technology for financial market education, investments, and decentralized trading where every trader is the owner and regulator of their own data and funds.

Getting paid to do what you love: with NAGA, participants are paid on the Switex platform for dealing in virtual goods, playing games, exploiting fintech skills, and owning the Naga Coin and the Naga Wallet.

Seamless and simple trading: NAGA’s principal product is the social trading platform, SwipeStox, which has opened up the world of trading to its tens of thousands of users worldwide. The platform equally offers different deposit and withdrawal options, including Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Dash.

NAGA’s ICO pre-sale has kicked off on November 20, 2017. And just like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and any other cryptocurrency, the NGC can be simply and seamlessly traded.

The proceeds of the token sale will see 10% going towards business development, 10% to the legal section, 50% for marketing, and the remaining 30% for Tech development.

The team behind the winning ICO

Founded in 2015, NAGA is part of the NAGA German Fintech group which has a trading volume of over 400 percent since it was listed on the German Stock Exchange in Frankfurt in June. NAGA is made up of an excellent team of over 120 Fintech professionals. Recently Roger Ver (Bitcoin startup investor) and Miko Matsumura (Patnera Capital Limited Partner) joined the board of advisors of Naga and we believe those cooperations will bring great results for Naga.

Let’s all join the revolutionary ICO here.

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