NASA will use Ethereum to automate the maneuvering spacecraft

NASA has launched a research project in which you plan to use the technology of smart contracts Ethereum to automate the maneuvering spacecraft while dodging space debris.

The project is called «Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm», and it was headed by associate Professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Akron (UA) Dr. gene Wei Kocis (Jin Wei Kocsis).

Kotis and her team received a NASA grant in the amount of 330,000 dollars. Within three years they will develop a cognitive architecture that will no longer rely on information obtained from the Ground. In combination with using the technology of the blockchain it will increase the efficiency and safety of space communications.

Smart contracts based on «Ethereum» will teach spacecraft to detect and evade space debris that may be in their path and thereby impair the operation of the apparatus.

«Technology of Ethereum blockchain will be used in the project to create a decentralized and secure network and computing infrastructure for exploration of deep space. To increase the stability of infrastructures, protocols, consensus of the blockchain will be explored further», — said the head of the research project Jean Kocis.

Kocis sure that the decentralized architecture of the space unit to automate the collection of data along with other tasks that will allow scientists on Earth to spend time on data analysis and on calculation of the trajectory of probes.

«I hope to develop the technology that will be able to recognize potential threats and avoid them, and will automatically perform a number of other problems,» she added.

NASA representatives noted that this project will help to unlock the potential of decentralized technologies that will eventually lead to the emergence of a «space of next generation networks», a more flexible and scalable.

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