Natalia kasperskaya: bitcoin – the development of U.S. intelligence

The General Director of group of companies InfoWatch and co-founder of «Kaspersky Lab» Natalya Kaspersky, considers bitcoins to be developed by the team of American cryptographers, who worked on behalf of the security services. She announced, speaking at the St. Petersburg University ITMO, where kasperskaya gave a presentation on «Modern technology – fundamentals of information and cyber wars.»

According to her, under the name of the Creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto is hiding a group of American cryptographers, however, any specific individuals and evidence of their involvement in the development of bitcoin is not called.

«Bitcoin – development American intelligence services for rapid financing of the intelligence services of the United States, England and Canada in different countries. «Privatized» like the Internet, GPS, TOR. Actually – the dollar 2.0. Control of currency is in the hands of the owners of the exchanges,» said the businessman

Kasperskaya also called the smartphone the «remote controlled device, sold to the owner for his entertainment, work and simultaneous surveillance of him.»

Involvement in creation of bitcoin, the CIA and other U.S. intelligence has repeatedly said Russian officials, including the leader of the Duma fraction of LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. But without the evidence these words are still in the category of speculation.

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