Nebula Genomics offers to sell information about the genome for the cryptocurrency

Biotechnology company Genomics Nebula is developing a system based on the blockchain, which monetizes information about genetic damage to the DNA of users, which will allow them to sell these data to pharmaceutical companies.

According to the head of the Nebula Genomics Professor Church, an employee of Harvard and mit, most of the companies engaged in genetic research, leave data for further research.

Using the blockchain and providing customers with the opportunity to sell the information received, Nebula Genomics expects to extend the practice of genome sequencing.

The company will use smart-contracts on the basis of the Ethereum blockchain. In an ecosystem, a token appears. Genomics – payment tool through which the participants will pay for genome sequencing and related data. To gain access to DNA customers can use tokens, bought with Fiat currency.

The Professor emphasizes the presence of an open Protocol, which gives scientists the ability «to combine standardized data» between people and databases.

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