NEM will hold a closed beta-testing project Catapult

The team of cryptocurrency NEM in partnership with Tech Bureau announces the release of the closed beta Catapult – new version developed based on the NEM blockchain private network Medsin.

According to the authors of the project, initially it will be used for private networks, and then in the public blockchain NEM.

«The technology will demonstrate the presence of unique plug-ins smart contracts, which allow you to create a bulletproof digital assets, implement decentralized swaps, as well as expand the account system and modeling the business logic» – they say.

Beta-testing of Catapult are about to get in three stages:

  • Release Catapult Developer Preview and SDK.

  • A trial release of Catapult Core Engine.

  • Catapult is dual-licensed: Open Source and commercial.

  • «New technology, the blockchain platform Catalchult will be the future standard for key corporate and institutional infrastructures, – said the President of the Foundation NEM LON Wong. – Catapult is not just an enhanced NEM blockchain. This project will open new possibilities for database functionality on the blockchain».

    The developers claim that in addition to improvements in speed and scalability, Catapult offers aggregated transactions and accounts with tiered multimediali. According to them, these innovations were never accessible in any blockchain.

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