New life likes: LikeCoin project demonstrates the new opportunities for content creators

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The project LikeCoin is a blockchain Protocol for independent content creators, through which they can receive remuneration for their original or derivative works.

Its sponsor, the company formulates its mission as maximizing opportunities for creative collaboration. The company announced during the global summit the Creative Commons 2018, bringing together leading technical experts, lawyers, academics, activists and professionals seeking to create a completely free space available to people around the world.

In today’s digital world, many representatives of creative professions will sooner or later be asked to create content for free or to publish their work in social media just for likes. LikeCoin goal is to maximize creative potential, uniting practical experience and the principles of Creative Commons.

«Content creators get the recognition network LikeCoin when their work is collecting likes and superlite or when she recreates in the community,» said kin Ko (Ko Kin), co-founder LikeCoin. He came to Toronto to talk about his vision for the future of the world’s leading representatives of the sphere of content creation at the summit of the Creative Commons 2018. — «These professionals will also be able to showcase their work through events in the network LikeCoin in the markets of Asia alongside such renowned artists as Kit Man, yanSquare and mankenlive».

LikeCoin generates a unique label for all creative content and monitors all derivative works as well as creators and disseminators of content. Network LikeCoin built on the global decentralized fault-tolerant technology based on IPFS. Rethinking Like button and algorithm LikeRank will allow you to establish authorship of content to you and to work together to create content on different platforms and in different applications. This will allow those who creates and curates content, carefully to select and record information into the blockchain to be used by other distributors.

«I believe in LikeCoin and the benefits it opens up for content creators and creative organizations is akin to a Renaissance for creative professionals,» says one of the first followers LikeCoin Fact, Cheung (To Cheung), founder and CEO of UDOMAIN.

Ecosystem LikeCoin will support content in a variety of formats, including photographs, illustrations, videos and articles. Distributors may distribute original content directly or with modifications. Such derivative works available to collectors of content. At the same time, a unique mechanism Proof of Creativity (proof of uniqueness) and smart contracts on the blockchain will stimulate creators and promote the wide dissemination LikeCoin of platform content distribution and use of service providers in the ecosystem.

Famous gaming magazine Famitsu, covering the latest news in the field of anime, comics and games, already uses the network LikeCoin. It also uses the the newspaper News Stand, whose team is known for its independence, integrity and commitment to high standards of journalism.

«LikeCoin is a unique project that really brings together creative people and allows you to extend, combine and modify the original content, especially to bring it to a wider audience and to attract her attention to a particular topic,» says Kit Man, well-known multimedia designer from Hong Kong.

Today during a closed sale LikeCoin have successfully raised $ 3 million. In the 12 months since the launch of the project in the network LikeCoin registered more than 1000 content creators from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan and other countries.

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