New Winnick? In Kiev kidnapped the CEO of the exchange Exmo — Russian programmer Pavel Lerner

According to Ukrainian media reports, December 26 in Kiev lost 40-the summer citizen of Russia Pavel Lerner — the programmer from Kursk, a specialist in the field of IT and the blockchain. In the evening in the Obolon district police Department of Kiev received a statement from friends of the Lerner, who wrote it after Lerner stopped communicating in the middle of the day.

According to the statement, the programmer was kidnapped near the site of the work, he was dragged into a car Mercedes-Benz Vito. Passers-by reported that an unknown person was in dark clothing and balaclavas.

Already conducted a number of investigative actions, practiced all possible versions happened. Pre-qualification of this incident – the kidnapping (part 2 of article 146 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

According to information obtained by journalists from knowledgeable Lerner people in Ukraine, IT-specialist and led a number of startups related to cryptocurrency and bloccano.

In the cryptocurrency community Paul Lerner known as the CEO of the exchange Exmo, today one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges offering trading pair with the ruble.

The exchange does not advertise their owners, however, Paul Lerner, unlike the owners of BTC-e, never disappeared. The last few years Lerner actually lived in Spain, in Barcelona, taking his name, Paltiel (Paltiel), which acted as the CEO of the exchange and gave an interview in the office. In addition, domain that the exchange is moved after blocking by Roskomnadzor, was Paul Lerner, although as the address specified Krasnoyarsk.

It is obvious that the kidnapping is connected with professional work of Lerner, but its organizers and their motives are currently unknown. It may be that Lerner will be the second Alexander Vinnik, and he will be formally charged, but there is a possibility that the kidnapping was produced for criminal purposes, to require the redemption or assignment of cryptocurrency wallets.


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