New York will explore the influence of the state of cryptocurrencies on the economy of the state

The new York lawmaker who has previously submitted several bills related bloccano, proposed a new law which planned study of the process of creation of the state of cryptocurrency. Bill
on February 2, envisages the creation of a task force that will study «the impact of public cryptocurrencies to new York».

Among the major areas of focus can be regulatory implications that could be expected from the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commission on trade commodity futures (CFTC). The task force also will study «the consequences of the release of this cryptocurrency for monetary policy and financial stability … [and] its impact on local, state and Federal taxation.»

The bill was presented to Clyde Venalem (Clyde Vanel), who in late November suggested
four bills related to cryptocurrency and bloccano. One of them obliged the electoral Commission staff to study and evaluate the use of technology of the blockchain to protect the votes and election results

Public records show that the legislature of the state of new York also ready to discuss the topic of crypto-currencies and issue Regulations on the meeting at the end of this month.

Senators David Carlucci (Carlucci David) and Jessie Hamilton (Jesse Hamilton), according to the notice, are going to hold a public meeting on February 23 on several topics, including «logistics and organisation of cryptocurrency… their regulation through Regulations in the state of new York, in other States and at the Federal level … and the current market in which they thrive and become a problem for consumers.»

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