NewsBTC DASH and Litecoin Analysis September 25 2017

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Hello and welcome to News BTC’s Market Outlook September 25.


DASH continues to be volatile, but I believe that the upward trend is still very much intact. The $325 level below should be an area where buyers jump in, and the gentle upswing in pricing should continue to be the case. I believe that the market will eventually find the $400 level, and I believe that the “floor” is at the $300 level. I have no interest in shorting this market and believe that the longer-term outlook is very good.


Litecoin continues to chop around, using the $50 level as a fulcrum. I think that given enough time, we will break above there and go looking towards the $56 level, and I also believe that there is support just below. I think that adding incrementally and in small pieces will probably be the best way to go going forward, but keep in mind that Bitcoin must rally for the rest of the crypto currency world to continue going higher.


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