NiceHash has resumed and promises to return stolen by hackers

The team of mining NiceHash marketplace announced
on Reddit about the intention to return to the user all the tools that were stolen in a hacker attack. The exact date of the payment of refunds will be named January 31, 2018. On December 20 the miners could start working on NiceHash as the operation of the service was restored.

To find the stolen 4736 BTC and failed. The project intends to pay the affected users means that the group of investors has agreed to allocate for these purposes.

«We inform you that we have reserved the funds necessary to restore balance. They were provided by a group of international investors. All the old balances will be restored by January 31, 2018. Now you must handle all legal paperwork, so while we’re at it — please be patient».

We will remind that on December 6, NiceHash was hacked. When the attack was noticed, all operations on the site ceased and the site for a while went offline to establish the circumstances of the incident. The user asked for help in the investigation to law enforcement and at the same time asked users to change passwords to the service. The restoration of the site took two weeks.

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