, Nobuaki Kobayashi: I wanted to avoid the influence of the courses BTC and BCH

March 17, the asset Manager in the case of the bankruptcy of MtGox, Nobuaki Kobayashi (Nobuaki Kobayashi) revealed information about how he was selling BTC and BCH exchanges, which are in his possession. The news may comfort those who fear that the sale of the remaining assets of MtGox will lead to the collapse of the market. According to Kobayashi, he consulted with cryptocurrency experts and sold in such a way as to avoid impact on market price. Kobayashi was nicknamed «the whale MtGox» as he is known on forums and social networks community members.

«I sold BTC and BCH from December 2017 to February 2018,» said Kobayashi. «I have made transactions with them individually – so I sold different amounts of BTC and BCH».

Nobuaki Kobayashi, has already sold about 35 thousand BTC and BCH totaling $ 400 million. The Trustee is still in possession of digital assets for 1.9 billion dollars which he will also have to sell, or otherwise distribute. According to Kobayashi, he consulted with «crypto experts» while sales of BCH and BTC, and he did not use the traditional for such a situation, the method of sales through the exchange of cryptocurrencies.

«After consulting with crypto experts I sold BTC and BCH are not the usual stock exchange, and thus to avoid the influence on the market price, while providing the highest possible transaction security. Sales method: BTC and BCH was also approved by the court, and I would like to refrain from detailing. Otherwise, future sales of assets of the exchange may be hampered.»

However, the remains of MtGox assets worth almost $ 2 billion continued to weigh on the market, as the chance of their sales in the coming months remains very high. Even if they are sold outside of the exchanges — investors who would buy them on the exchanges, buy them from Kobayashi, consequently, this will hamper growth rates. However, first and foremost, the court will need to determine the fate of the remaining cryptocurrency assets: they can be distributed among victims and to get Mark Karpeles and its creditors.

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