Non-traditional methods of transmission of cryptocurrency transactions

Bitcoin was originally conceived as anonymous and unregulated currency, but in the modern world, where governments seek to establish control over all what they can reach, to avoid their attention is becoming increasingly difficult. It is therefore not surprising that the ways to transmit bitcoin transaction not settled on the traditional connection via the Internet. Are currently being developed such as the implementation of the transaction for radio, satellite, Fax, etc. While this can be considered a pastime for geeks, but who knows – maybe in the future it will be useful and law-abiding holders of cryptocurrencies?

Remember that a transaction of bitcoin is the signed volume of data that is broadcast to the network and is recorded in the blockchain. She refers to previous transactions (inputs) and transfers a certain amount of BTC on the specified public key (the Bitcoin address of the network). Transactions are broadcast to the network without encryption. To send someone bitcoins, you need only the recipient’s address. But to get bitcoins sent to you. need a private key that pair the public key on the basis of which was created address.

Address is generated based on the public key and is a sequence of letters and numbers. The private key for the outsider is also a sequence of letters and numbers, but unlike the addresses, information about it should not be public – key compromise and handed him the bitcoins can be used by anyone. This is one of the fundamental principles of the Bitcoin network is transmitted in a completely open and can be read by any user, but to send and receive bitcoins, you must possess private keys of the respective addresses.

The information transmitted in the transaction, is a very modest amount and does not require special technical means, therefore, to implement a transaction between the users of cryptocurrencies it is not necessary to use the Internet. The idea to unite the whole world through cryptocurrency has not yet exhausted itself, and the latest designs will allow you to deliver bitcoin to people with no Internet who live in regions with an unstable economy.

Bitcoin via satellite

Known in the cryptocurrency environment, the company Blockstream few months ago launched the first project, which will allow you to send bitcoins virtually anywhere in the Earth using satellite communications. Blockstream Satellite is a project that allows you to use bitcoins for those who have no Internet connection via broadcast data via satellites. The new system may be required in areas of Africa and Asia, where it is difficult to connect to the Internet or rigidly controlled by the government. The company’s specialists have proposed the use of satellite transmission to synchronize the entire nodes of the network Bitcoin and have already pulled 3 of the rented satellite into orbit, which cover 66% of the Earth’s surface. In beta, the owners of bitcoins in Africa, Europe, South and North America can use the satellites to download the blockchain, which stores all history of transactions on the network.

Now download from the Internet a full node requires a 160 GB, which is a problem for people living in areas with poor infrastructure and not having quality equipment and Internet connection. In the future satellite TV will allow to access bitcoin where access to the Internet and does not. According to founder and company President Adam Beck, thanks Blockstream Satellite using broadcast satellite access blockchain Bitcoin will have more users, which will increase the popularization of cryptocurrencies and improve the overall stability and reliability of the network.

In the technical aspect of the project uses software from open source, which makes this technology easier and cheaper to transfer via the Internet. The software includes a radio system to the GNU, a programmable radio system SDR and Protocol dissemination of the FIBRE blockchain (Bitcoin Internet Fast Relay Engine). Users only need the device to use satellite communication: USB receiver to connect the satellite to the computer or special equipment, for example, appropriately configured single Board computer Raspberry Pi. You will also need free software and open source, e.g. GNU Radio.

Complex methods of communication outside of the Internet

Another team went a step further and have already presented the possibility of simplifying the transaction process, allowing you to transmit bitcoins via Fax, SMS, radio and even Morse code. That is the purpose of developing a set of tools. Tools that were recently published in open access on Github. Developed tools can then be considered for support and potential inclusion in the wallet Samourai.

Currently working a project launched in Finland supported by the Finnish company Digita, via the digital radio network which transmitted the transaction.

How does it work? Computers system, connecting to the Bitcoin blockchain, make the last blocks in the data stream that is transmitted on the radio network, then the data is accepted on the Linux machine.

Network DVB-T can be a backup channel for transmitting the blockchain. This technology can be applied, for example, in vending machines, for this the owner of the machine only need inexpensive integrated DVB-T receiver and adapted subsystem for Linux. The only catch is that the client will also need to have a transmitter for the transaction.

The team in the future considering a comprehensive set of tools that use a few basic ways to transfer bitcoins without the use of Internet:

  • transfer via SMS;

  • satellite communications;

  • Fax or any other form of character recognition;

  • saving to external media;

  • high radio frequency;

  • Morse code;

  • the cellular topology (meshNets);

  • NFC;

  • BLE.

These and other projects show that in the near future, maybe there will be more simple and cheap ways to transfer bitcoins, which are not to be carried out via the Internet.

This technology will allow for crypto-currency transactions in unconventional ways and become a reserve for the case if you transmit them through the Internet for some reason will be impossible. In the future they can open new possibilities for the use of cryptocurrency and transactions, which unites the whole world.

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