Not just stocks: startup Ancora holds a presale handles

IPO could mean not only the listing of the shares on the stock exchange. In January of this year the Italian company-manufacturer of exclusive pens Ancora released and successfully sold the first one in the world primary supply of pens (Pen Initial Offer) limited edition pens «Bitcoin». Now is preparing to launch a second IPO, this time for a limited batch of pens «the Ethereum».

The party will include 888 88 ballpoint and ink pens «the Ethereum». At the bottom of each handle is engraved with a unique serial number, confirming its authenticity. In contrast to the amount of cryptocoins maximum edition pens «the Ethereum» is final and will not change.

For sale pens cryptocurrency topics Ancora decided to use the tradition of the ICO (initial placement of tokens).

Pre-sale held from 8 April to 8 may, and stage of production will take place from 12 to 27 may. During these periods, the interested buyers will be able to buy pens at a discount.

The party will include a few exclusive instances, the serial number which will be engraved with platinum, gold and silver.

It should be noted that Ancora is not going to be handles «Bitcoin» and «Ethereum». Among users of Telegram channel, the company held a vote, which cryptocurrency they would like to perpetuate in the future. In the past the vote won by the Ethereum, the following contenders can become Cash Bitcoin, Ripple and Cardano.

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