NSD plans to issue bonds by 10-15 billion rubles platform Hyperledger Fabric

National settlement Depositary (NSD, part of the group of companies of the Moscow exchange) issued a press release stating that Russian companies will be able to issue bonds by 10-15 billion rubles, the account of which will be based on the technology of the blockchain.

In October of this year, «MegaFon» placed on the test platform bonds on 500 million roubles. Raiffeisenbank was then organized, and developed by a decentralized system on the platform of the blockchain Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 has become NSD.

«The new technology deal of «MegaFon» in Russia on the platform of NSD’s accounting of rights to securities, have caused investors and issuers great interest. According to the assessment of NSD’s interest in bond issues on the blockchain can reach 10-15 billion in 2018,» — said in the message of NSD.

Both sides then announced that the paper «Megaphone», the maturity of which was three months, bought Raiffeisenbank. The aim of this placement, the bonds were testing technology, not the funding.

The transaction took place as follows: it was created three access point in a decentralized system — NSD, MegaFon and Raiffeisenbank. The Issuer and the Bank is loaded there data on the transaction, then NSD unloaded them into their system.

Immediately thereafter, the Chairperson of the Executive Board Eddie Astanin said that at least five companies have expressed a desire to place the bonds on the blockchain.

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