Observers will use the blockchain in the presidential elections of 2018

On the portal of the Association of observers, «national public monitoring» in test mode running inspection tools based on the technology of the blockchain that can operate with minimal human intervention in the preparation of the final protocols of the observers.

According to the coordinator for cooperation with partners of the Association of observers, «national public monitoring» of the Novel kolomoytsev, this minimal interference should be absolutely transparent.

The use of the blockchain will store all the data reflected in the final report: voter turnout, number of votes cast for the candidate, number of valid or invalid ballots, and other relevant parameters, confirming that the control ratio at a polling station agreed, and all reports of violations that occurred at a particular polling station.

«This technology is a guarantee that the data obtained from observers, and from any, not just ours, will not be distorted, and the portal will provide the objective picture of how elections were held, everyone. We also hope that in the future this technology will be used in voting, and then we will be able to come to electronic voting», – said the head of the movement «Russia chooses» Elena Bavchenkova.

«A million people will be able to connect to our portal and to become observers,» he added Kolomoitsev.

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