Olga Skorobogatova: CBR does not recognize the cryptocurrency clearing or payment means

The Bank of Russia does not recognize the cryptocurrency clearing or payment means, said at a meeting of the public Council at the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation first Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Olga Skorobogatova.

«We do not believe the estimated cryptocurrency or means of payment and will not consider» – she said.

The Ministry of Finance allows for the possibility of using cryptocurrency for investment in ICO under the barter agreement, announced at the meeting, Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev. He does not consider it expedient to issue a national digital currency, cryptolabs.

«Cryptocurrency is a phenomenon that has multiple, unlimited number of emission centers. If we abandon constitutional principle that the issue is the Central Bank, you can even do nothing – it [cryptool] itself arises. However, we cannot ensure absolute reliability of transactions due to the fact that if for some reason 50% + 1 validator cryptocurrency will say that the transaction was, and in fact it was not, we will not be able to deny it,» explained Moses.

The Finance Ministry proposes to define cryptocurrency as other property and not a payment tool. They will not be able to buy anything, but you can buy bitcoin and exchange it for other property.

Thus, according to Skorobogatova, the Bank of Russia is considering the introduction of a supranational digital currencies within the BRICS or the Eurasian economic Union (EEU).

«We continue to work to explore this issue. It seems to us appropriate to discuss on the Playground with our colleagues the possibility of introducing a supranational cryptocurrencies on the territory of the EEU or in the framework of BRICS. A lot of technological and macroeconomic issues, so I think next year will be dedicated to exploring approaches to the possibility of issuing such a supra-national cryptocurrency», she said.

According to the Chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, the introduction of a national digital currency regulator does not seem appropriate from the point of view of macroeconomics. A similar view is shared by the Ministry of Finance.

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