On 12 December in Moscow will host a briefing Blockchain status lidera

December 12, Constitution Day will be a briefing of the International Committee of the digital Economy.

Election campaign in 2018 could be the most significant in the history of the world of public administration. The President of Russia has a unique chance in his last electoral term to become the world’s first head of state received —the Blockchain status lidera.

In July 2017 adopted the Government Programme «Digital economy of the Russian Federation» — our country, and the world, forms the ecosystem for harmonious integration of social institutions to the reality of the digital economy.

According to statistics from the world economic forum, Russia ranks forty-third (43) place at index I-DESI — international index enabling environment for investment.

During the formation of legislation in the sphere of the digital economy requires a qualitative leap for Russia as a leader in the field of digital technologies.

The international Committee of the digital economy comes up with a proposal on the establishment for candidates for elected office at all levels (from municipal candidates to the Presidential candidates of the Russian Federation) digital portrait — Blockchain status lidera

Blockchain status lidera: a set of data: BIG DATA and digital diagnostic emotional and physical health of the candidate. Digital portrait, formed as a result of the monitoring of publications aimed at creation and consolidation or conflict and destruction. Diagnostic resources health screening candidate developed by Russian scientists and tested in major research institutions in the world.

The main characteristics of the Blockchain status lidera:

  • data transparency — the main characteristics of the technology of the blockchain transparency of events and processes.

  • trust entry in the blockchain, you can’t change what shapes voter confidence in the authenticity of the data and eliminates the possibility of fraud.

  • the absence of intermediaries — the blockchain keeps a record and verification without a third party.

Also, we fully support the need of counting of votes on the blockchain the platform for confidence in election results.

Responsibility for their words and deeds in the past, a purity of intention for the future, the ecology of consciousness of the individuals forming the legislation and management system is a fundamental basis for sustainable development. We believe that the right to form social processes must be the best. Objectively the best.

Briefing the invited deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, members of the Government of the Russian Federation, the presidential Administration, opinion leaders.

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