On 14 December in St. Petersburg will host a seminar with the Emercoin team

14 Dec project team Emercoin in St. Petersburg will be held a seminar called «the Blockchain technology businesses of the future.» This workshop is designed for those who knows nothing about the blockchain and its possibilities outside of cryptocurrency.

Blockchain is one of the most important innovations since the creation of the Internet. It is applicable not only in the financial industry, its capabilities are extensive and can permanently change the world for the better, affecting all spheres of life.

Emercoin developers organize this seminar to show how the technology of the blockchain can be applied in business now, and what awaits us in the future.

What topics will be discussed?

  • History and background of the creation of the blockchain;

  • The main concepts and the basic components of technology;

  • What is hype and what is reality in the world of the blockchain;

  • Security and anonymity on the blockchain;

  • Mining and miners;

  • Smart contracts;

  • How to accept payments using the cryptocurrency;

  • As the blockchain can be used now;

  • As it can be used in the future;

  • What blockchain are needed in your organization.

  • Emercoin — an effective tool for solving practical problems.

Ticket price: 900 rubles.

Registration for the event

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