On 27 February Minsk will host the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus

On 27 February Minsk will host the first major conference dedicated to cryptocurrency, and blockchain ICO-d, – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus. It will bring together experts from CIS countries and Europe. The audience will be the founders of blockchain startups, investors, entrepreneurs, traders and marketers and lawyers specializing in kriptonyte.

The answers to the questions investors and business representatives

March 28 will come into effect the decree of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko «On the development of the digital economy». The document, among other things, officially allowed to buy, sell and exchange bitcoin, as well as legalizes the activities of operators cryptoplasm and exchange offices. It is noted that to conduct such activities can only residents of high technologies Park, the special economic zone. The participants of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus will discuss the legislative innovations further the way of doing business for companies already operating in the sector of cryptocurrency and blockchain developments.

Key speakers and topics

Participation in the conference is already confirmed by six experts from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.

Denis Lavnikevich, co-founder of the first Belarusian cryptocurrency Taler (TLR), and discuss a practical case for the establishment of a national digital currency.

Igor Gunpowder, online-entrepreneur, analyst and trader in iTuber, will talk about the specifics of the trader on the market of cryptocurrencies.

Vladimir Popov, the author of the books «ICO: essence, problems and the law», will talk about the tokenization of the economy: what is the process happening today and what is expected in the future.

Also at the conference will include Ilya Egorov, founder of the marketing Agency «Rusmarketing» and Alexander Bespalov, co-founder and CEO of the blockchain-the project BeEasy.

Demo zone, discussion, networking

During the conference there will be a panel discussion where experts will discuss the pressing question: «will the Belarus Slavic crypto-Singapore?»In the discussion will participate Yaroslav Romanchuk, an economist, a politician and head of the research center of Mises.

Also on-site activities will be organized demo area where Belarusian and foreign companies will present the developments on the blockchain and equipment for kriptonyte.

The participants will get ample opportunities for business networking. Startups can find investors or partners for collaborations, and young professionals – to ask questions of the experts.

Conference organizer

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus – event international event company Smile-Expo. In 2017, it held two major CIS blockchain conference in Moscow and Kiev. Today, a series of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference transformed from a European into the world. In 2018, Smile Expo will hold about 20 blockchain-events in various countries, including India, Australia, Philippines, South Korea and Thailand.

More information is available on the website of the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Belarus.

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