On Altai the pensioner tried to organize cryptocurrency Scam

66-the summer pensioner from Novosibirsk organized in Biysk seminar for those wishing to learn how to earn money on the cryptocurrency market. Pensioner was presented by the expert of the international network of financial companies, and convinced his listeners in high yield cryptocurrency investment. Then invited the participants to buy it is a cryptocurrency at a reasonable price.

Six people believed to the swindler and gave her a total of 124 thousand rubles.

As the representative of the press service of Biysk Department of the MIA of Russia Elena Gorbunova, the woman promised to his «investors» that over time their investment will be many times multiplied by the growth rate at the end of November and began to collect 31 thousand roubles from everyone. There were six, three of whom passed on 31 thousand roubles, and three more were collected this amount chipped.

The swindler was arrested in Novosibirsk. What she didn’t even try to escape. The seminar room she took off on its own documents, admitted his guilt during the investigation and even gave the victims a part of their «investment».

The case of a pensioner, who decided to capitalize on the hype surrounding the cryptocurrency, will consider the Biysk city court. Charges woman charged under article 159 «Fraud». In the Altai region is the first «cryptocurrency business» brought to court. It is likely that the swindler could «tour» with seminars in other cities of Siberia.

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