On IPQuorum-2018 discussed the development of blockchain and creating a mining valley

Under the launched in Kaliningrad International strategic forum on intellectual property IPQuorum-2018 the participants discussed the prospect of the early introduction of universal and unified digital platform based on the technology of the blockchain.

«We need a common digital infrastructure that would make the process easier and more versatile regardless of what the objects and right turn,» said state Secretary, Deputy Minister of education and science Paul Zenkovich.

Deputy Minister of culture Alexander Zhuravsky said that now technology is evolving so quickly that lawmakers find it difficult to keep up with this process.

«After some time due to the technology of the blockchain, the emergence of distributed registries, the vertical system of management and protection of the rights will be replaced by horizontal, network, self – organizing communities,» he said.

Deputy Minister Alexey Volin also endorsed the idea of establishing such a service.

«The growth in sales of legal content denies that the Russian people are not ready to consume legally,» – he stressed.

As a priority base of the project was submitted to platform for managing intellectual property IPChain. This platform provides the ability to create a single network that stores information about intellectual activities and the exchange of information and its protection.

In turn, the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov said about the possibility of creating in the region a large mining valleys, which appear on the territory of the region in the next two years – the government is already in talks with potential investors.

«We are negotiating with potential investors on the establishment of a number of our power stations of some of the mining valleys. Negotiations with Sberbank and Spartakom about building a data center near these power plants are quite advanced. And of course, mining the subject must continue to implement», he said.

Alikhanov said that the region already has a project of a data Center, and now expects proposals from the business.

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