On the Moscow stock exchange are preparing the infrastructure for the ICO

On the Moscow exchange is preparing infrastructure, allowing companies to carry out an initial placement of tokens (ICO). It is planned to be launched this year.

«Now we are developing projects, basic infrastructure in order to be able to withdraw the company to the ICO and create tokens, and also to the description of this token. Now it is missing on all of those sites that offer such services. Despite the fact that all this takes time, I think we can handle this year. This is a project this year», — said the Chairman of the Executive Board of Moscow exchange Alexander Afanasiev.

Afanasiev noted that it is not about listing the tokens, but about educating investors about what the obligations assumed by the Issuer of the token and of the token and about other details of participation in the ICO.

«While we have all considered from the point of view Fiat money as the cryptocurrency yet legally protected asset, when he appears, they also appear in our system», — said the head of Masuri.

In may, the state Duma adopted in the first reading the draft laws on the regulation of cryptoeconomy legalizing digital of financial assets and the procedure for the ICO in Russia. The cryptocurrency and token has a status property in electronic form, but to use them as a means of payment in the country is prohibited.

Mobira ready to consider the issue of fixed-term contracts on ICO assets, when there will be a representative of a benchmark and assuming that will see the demand for this product from investors.

“Now we are more accurate marketing study, which should determine the interest not only to products themselves, as it is, and very large, but what kind may be the contract, as structured, and what might be the specification of the futures on them, and on what”, — said Afanasiev.

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