On the needle of mining: AMD fears of falling sales of graphics cards due to the lower demand of miners

In the middle of last year, it was widely believed that the purchase of GPU miners has little effect on manufacturers of graphics processors and is only «a drop in the sea of gamers». But this myth is debunked themselves the chip manufacturers published reporting on sales.

The decline in demand for graphics processors (GPU) from cryptocurrency miners may have a «significant impact» on the production of AMD, the company said this week.

AMD was one of the companies that have extracted significant value from the increased demand for video cards needed for the energy intensive process of mining cryptocurrency. The company noted that «growth in the prices of cryptocurrencies and the emergence of new significantly increased the demand for our GPU in 2017».

Although the company has not provided specific numbers, the data messages published on February 27, correspond to the previous predictions of AMD — at the end of 2017, the company said over a greatly increased profit in the segment of GPU is mostly responsible cryptocurrency miners. In early February the company also announced
that GPU is ramping up production to meet the demand of the cryptocurrency industry.

However, this recovery may soon cease. In a published report
AMD noted that several factors may change the state of the GPU market, highlighting the market and regulatory risks that can lead to a reduction in the number of GPUs purchased by the miners. The company said:

«The cryptocurrency market is volatile and demand can change quickly. For example, recently, China and South Korea have imposed restrictions on trade cryptocurrencies. If we are not able to cope with the risks associated with reduced demand for kretowiny mining, our GPU segment might suffer a great loss».

The idea that volatility can affect the demand share and the other companies in the industry, including main competitor AMD – GPU Nvidia. In early February, Kress Colette (Colette Kress), chief financial officer of Nvidia, said that «it is difficult to determine exactly,» what is the amount of profit from the sale of GPU responsible cryptocurrency miners. She also noted that «the cryptocurrency markets will likely remain volatile».

In January, the company Nvidia turned
to the retailers with a request to give priority to gamers in the sale of graphics cards. Last summer it was reported that AMD and NVIDIA miners earned nearly a billion dollars. With the advent of accounts for the year this figure can grow significantly.

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