On the platform Maker launched instant decentralised exchange Oasis.Direct

Maker – platform for smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, attaching stalmine Dai rate to the US dollar with the dynamic system of collateral (CDP). It is a decentralized structure without a Central operator, however, at the initial stage of operation of the system the development team manually identifies the key risk parameters (exchange oracles, the threshold of elimination, etc.). These options will become decentralized with the launch of Dai 2.0 in the second quarter of 2018.

The Dai token (ERC-20) launched on 17 December 2017 and the first three months of existence has already managed to demonstrate reliability
the stabilization mechanism.

Before the release of Dai Maker 2.0 team is in no hurry to include Dai in the listing of major exchanges, therefore trading it is mainly on decentralized platforms, the main of which is OasisDEX
(works in Chrome and Brave requires extensions enabled Metamask, or Parity).

Like all decentralized exchanges, OasisDEX – not cheap. In order to purchase ETH Dai for the first time, you need to spend at least three transactions:

  • confirm the maximum amount of the transaction;

  • to convert the ETH in WETH (the same as ETH, but in the standard ERC-20);

  • to create the orders.

  • In addition, the implementation of the order itself can take a considerable time, that the current rapid drop in the «red sea» may cause significant losses.

    According to team Maker, the solution may be a new product, Oasis.Direct, the first decentralized trading app for instant sharing ETH MKR DAI and c simplified interface and lack of commissions.

    Oasis.Direct – simplistic application that provides access to a pool of liquidity OasisDEX. At the same time, OasisDEX will remain the main platform for the advanced user with a wide set of options and trade statistics. Both applications are completely decentralized: all transactions are P2P, and the book of orders and the calculation part are only on the blockchain.

    To have an exchange on Oasis.Direct, all you need is to choose a pair of: ETH/DAI, ETH/MKR DAI/MKR, enter the amount of tokens to exchange and confirm the transaction in the client Metamask, or Parity.

    The exchange takes place in a single transaction involving all three of the above actions and implemented using opcode or delegatecall and tools developed DappHub. The application converts the ETH in WETH, determines the availability of the required liquidity OasisDEX (and in the future, and other providers of liquidity), fulfills the order and sends the tokens to the user. The only expense is the gas-Commission per transaction. Unfortunately, the price of gas cannot change, and it is set pretty high For sharing ETH on, DAI, system, at the time of this writing, the Commission is 0.00364 ETH. However, the exchange almost instantaneous, so this is a fee for urgency. If time is patient, it is possible to exchange and other decentralized platform.

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