Online store browser Chrome to block extensions for mining

James Wagner (James Wagner), the head of development of extensions for Google, wrote in the Chromium blog article titled «Protecting users against fraudulent extensions associated with cryptocurrencies», which talked about the upcoming exception of the extension of mining from the online store of the Chrome browser. He wrote:

«Starting today, the Chrome web store will no longer post extensions that allow to mine the cryptocurrency. Existing extensions of this profile will be excluded from the Chrome web store at the end of June. Other extensions related to bloccano, will continue to be available in the store.»

Hidden mining is becoming increasingly common around the world and it did not escape the attention of Google. In his recording of the Wagner also noted:

«The policy still the Chrome web store be permitted cryptocurrency mining using the extension if it was his only goal,» Wagner writes. «The user adequate information about what is mining. Unfortunately, about 90% of all extensions with mining scripts that the developers have tried to download from the Chrome web store did not meet these requirements and were rejected, or removed.»

Wagner also noted that the new company policy is the next step allowing to ensure the security of Chrome users and give them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an online store, it is not being exposed to hidden risks. It can be assumed that the new rules – the continuation of the crypto policies of Google, in which in the middle of last month the company said it will limit the issuance of ads related to the ICO and cryptocurrencies.

Hidden mining is becoming increasingly popular. In March was recorded
new attacks in Egypt, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine. In addition, in February it became known that hackers use Youtube ads for mining cryptocurrency, and last fall released a study confirming that victims of a hidden mining have already become a half a billion people.

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