Overview of Congress RAKIB #BLOCKART-2018 in Moscow on March 27-28

Congress #BLOCKART-2018 organised by the Association RAKIB and dedicated to the blockchain and products that you can create based on it. Range of topics was very extensive, and the event was very large. Visited it more than 2000 people. At the same time held on 4-6 sessions on various topics, lasting for 1.5 hours. Each of the sessions was 6-8 speakers. So one person could cover only a small part of the entire event.

The event started with a General plenary discussion for all visitors with the main speakers of the Congress. But two days passed in a total of 32 sessions with performances by about 200 speakers. After Congress passed the members of RAKIB. And ended up international award «Blockchain Economy.»

Plenary discussion

Gathered here are representatives of RAKIB, legislative and Executive authorities, and even the representative of the media industry: German Klimenko (Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation), Boris Titov (presidential Commissioner for protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights), Anatoly Aksakov (Deputy of the state Duma of the current convocation). As well as the chair of RAKIB Yuri Pripachkin, musician Basta (Vasily Vakulenko) and Cai Kailong (strategic Director of Huobi, one of the TOP 5 largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world).

German Klimenko told about how the state took 20 years to discover and correct all errors associated with the neglect of the law. And now, having learned from this experience, they have carefully followed all the directions. On the question of the establishment of the Eurasian cryptocurrency Klimenko noted that the main task of the modern cryptocurrency he sees it in international circulation. But while the state this story will not be allowed, to do something on an international scale will not work. As an example of the enterprises of the States in terms of a single currency was given by the European Union in which Nations abandoned their national currencies in favor of a single Euro.

Boris Titov spoke about how seriously their party (the party of Growth) came over to discuss strategies for the digital economy of the country. Going brainstorming sessions, special attention was paid to the blockchain. The party is drafting its own legislation to the state Duma on the regulation of the blockchain and cryptocurrency to replace the one that was nominated by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation. In their view, the proposal of the Ministry of Finance in relation to technology severely restricts the rights and opportunities, the party does not support this draft law. Your proposal party Growth has sent to the government and the Central Bank. Titov also said that after he went through a presidential election in 2018, it became clear that another important topic of the creation election on the blockchain to ensure their integrity. And in conclusion of his speech, Boris Titov, expressed hope: «We will not lose the tempo and still the blockchain become the first country in the world».

Anatoly Aksakov said that Russia has all the chances to come to the forefront in the digital economy, and after that to the forefront in the whole economy of the country. In this direction active work is in government. Team Aksakov has nominated 2 of the bill establishes the legal status of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in Russia, which about 10 days ago was introduced in the state Duma: «On digital of financial assets» and «About alternative ways of attracting investment.» It is planned that the bill will be taken into consideration and all will be read by July 2018.

Basta acted as a representative of one of the largest creative unions of Russia for the production of musical content, introducing a new project Ticket Coin. This «system of choice» that allows owners of cryptocurrency tokens Ticket Coin to get some bonuses, discounts when purchasing tickets and other privileges.

Yuri Pripachkin delivered the welcome speech and later announced that RAKIB going to file a class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and others suspicious of them in General conspiracy to limit people’s access to information about kriptonyte, ban advertising of crypto-currencies. There is a suspicion that they are specifically trying to prevent the development of the technology, yet they have the opportunity of such a strong influence. The lawsuit will be filed in may in the state of new York, loyal to the technology. The claim is ready to support the representatives of kriptonyte China, Korea and other countries.

Session of the event

Sections turned out to be quite a lot. This article even briefly would be difficult to cover. Discussed and approaches to legislative regulation of technology, and the use of the blockchain in the most different spheres of activity outside cryptocurrency, legal issues, security issues, investment, trading, ICO, mining.

Many of the speakers talked about the importance and prospects of implementation of the blockchain in a state organization, it will be a great leap for the country’s progress. For example, it was argued that serious budget protection for the country will bring the introduction of the blockchain in the system of state procurement and the introduction of smart contracts (the algorithm for the conclusion of contracts on the blockchain). Thus, it will be possible to protect itself also from corruption gospodryadov.

Quite interesting was the section «assessment of the prospects of the technology of the blockchain». For example, the speaker Ordov Constantine (General Director of LLC «international consulting center») voiced the prediction that by 2023, all countries will use blockchain, and it will be 20% of Russia’s GDP. Konstantin is convinced that it is «a huge untilled field capacity», which is beneficial now to take in the implementation of blockchain.

The trail was made by Anton Kondratyuk (CEO at Collective Intelligence Systems), expressed an alternative view, that blockchain is now a transition period. Now the market is just trying to understand what the pros and cons of its use. And predicting that in 5 years blockchain will be used extensively, is now impossible. Technology still tried, and maybe it won’t be as widespread and useful as it is now it seems. Now there is the hype, many companies are going to implement blockchain, but in many places it will not benefit from its implementation compared with the costs of introducing new technology.

After that was the performance of Eugene Turnaev about the use of the blockchain in transport for example, one company. What other speaker Alexander Batmanov (Creator of FINTECH companies) laughed, replying that in his opinion 90-99.9% of all ICO and projects for implementation of blockchain will crash, and their ruins «flowers will bloom new technologies.» And the more now developed such projects, the faster we approach this new time of rebirth, without the blockchain (in the form in which we now know it). On stage was pretty hard and Frank debate involving allegations of failure, feyspalmy and exchange experiences in a raised voice. In General, all the love of cryptologist)

At the same session, was made by the founder of Bits.media Ivan Tikhonov report about the ratio of centralization and decentralization in blockchain systems. The main thesis was that the need to combine the advantages of both approaches to get a reliable, secure, efficient and scalable solutions. The importance of the blockchain should be removed from the database and transport to the arbitrator, which is decentralized to settle disputes, if any arise among members of the network.

The End Of The Congress

At the end of the second day of the Congress was for members of RAKIB, where it was told about the work of the Association, its members, plans and prospects. Then was held the international prize of «Blockchain Economy» , which was awarded to representatives of various organizations that most successfully applied the blockchain technology in their projects.

It was assumed that the award will be in an entertaining format, but because of mourning on this day, the procedure had to spend in the style business. And show the program after Congress had to be postponed to the next day.

Thus, Congress RAKIB turned serious, large, multidisciplinary event, with the participation of representatives of the government of the Russian Federation and a huge number of speakers.

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