Page about bitcoin on Wikipedia two days was in the top 3 popular pages

Page about bitcoin on Wikipedia was the second most popular page in the Internet encyclopedia last Friday and the third Saturday. This suggests that information about bitcoin is increasingly widespread among ordinary people.

According to the Wikimedia Foundation Labs, two days in a row page about bitcoin was more popular than information about Vladimir Putin and Donald trump. A similar surge of interest can be linked with the launch of futures on bitcoin, which began
this Sunday.

By Tuesday, interest in bitcoin has calmed down a lot – now page on bitcoin ranks 14th in the ranking of Wikipedia, while still outperforming the page Donald trump, Prince Harry and thanksgiving.

At the peak of popularity

According to Google Trends, last month, investors increasingly are looking for information on bitcoin than on gold. This week in trending queries about the futures of bitcoin, and the number of searches with different combinations with the participation of both words has increased by almost 3,000%. The bulk of the requests are still recorded in the USA, Australia and South Africa, as in the last few months.

The proliferation of cryptocurrency among ordinary people is also proving the popularity of the app wallet Coinbase, which included the top 20 us App Store on Monday it was in 13th place, and at the time of publication was down 26.

Representatives of the same exchange noted that allocated more resources to cope with the increased demand, and plans to «significantly increase» its capacity after the upgrade, which was supposed to happen on Monday.

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