Page about bitcoin on Wikipedia was the ninth in popularity for 2017

Users who frequent online encyclopedia Wikipedia, often go to a page with information about bitcoin. According to statistics, the wiki page on bitcoin became the ninth most popular article on Wikipedia for the past year.

In the past year, many have become interested in cryptocurrencies and queries about bitcoin became one of the most popular according to Google Trends. In addition, information about the bitcoin are often searched for in Wikipedia. Recently the site published a report with data on the top-50 articles over the last year.

According to the Wikipedia article about bitcoin was the ninth most popular article of the encyclopedia in the past year, following just behind the material about the United States. Article about bitcoin is in the top 10, along with information about Donald trump, the TV series «Game of thrones» and Queen Elizabeth II.

Last year an article about bitcoin has received over 15 million views peak visits occurred on 8 December 2017. Among the 5,000 most popular articles over the past week bitcoin 354 takes place. The article is about the air in similar stats 3 710 takes place on cryptocurrency – 1 273, the blockchain — 312 place.

In December last year, the page about bitcoin on Wikipedia two days included
the top 3 popular pages. A similar surge of interest was then linked with the launch of futures on bitcoin, which began
around the same time.

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